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8047 Fine Carriage Clocks

Cinq prospectus de promotion des années 1975 à 1985.

Langue : français, allemand, anglais

CHF 30.00

8003 - Horlogerie ancienne N°80 - 40 ans - AFAHA

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CHF 23.00


7959 Fine Antique Clocks

Volume 2, N° 3, Spring 1988.
This catalogue starts with a series of small articles and is presenting:
English Bracket Clocks and other Mantel Clocks
Longcase Clocks, Regulators & Precision Timekeeping
Wall Clocks, Skeleton and Carriage Clocks so as Music boxes.
Soft cover in good condition.

53 pages, Edition : 1988
Langue : anglais

CHF 40.00

L'EPEE Henri

6901 Pendules d'officier, Carriage Clocks

Catalogue en 2 parties dans une fourre.
Savoir, comprendre. Histoire et origines de la pendule d'officier.
Partie historique en français, allemand, italien et arabe, 16 pages.

Catalogue de pendules d'officier, les cadettes, les mignonettes, les exclusives, les régulateurs et leurs données techniques ainsi que trois affiches.

Langue : français

CHF 35.00

5997 - La montre de carrosse et temps mesuré du voyage - SENECA Bernard

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CHF 37.00

5993 - Horlogerie ancienne N°72 - AFAHA

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CHF 20.00


5697 Catalogue de la maison Luxor

Le Locle présentant des modèles de pendulettes et de montres de voyage.
Avec liste de prix.

Langue : français

CHF 25.00

5384 - Viennese Travelling Clocks / Wiener Reiseuhren - FRITSCH Peter

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CHF 160.00


4551 The Dr. Eugene and Rose Antelis Collection of Important French Carrriage Clocks

Thursday 26 November 1998 at 2.00 p.m. - rare collection of first quality carriage clocks.

110 pages, Edition : 1998
Langue : anglais

CHF 60.00


4161 The Carriage Clock

The truly comprehensive and practical new work is the first book to be devoted solely to the repair and restoration of the carriage clock, and as such will be greatly welcomed by professional and amateur alike.
The carriage clock, which started life in the ninethetenth century as an expensive luxury for the rich, is now one of the most popular of what might be called the "quality" clocks.
Over 220 detailed and accurate drawings display the operation of the more complex parts and the text describes symptoms, faults and corrections of each type of movement in turn, with other chapters on tools, major repair techniques, cleaning, maintenance and a list of suppliers of materials. Also included are eighteen colour photographs showing a selection of clocks and their movements.

352 pages, Edition : 2005
Langue : anglais

CHF 75.00

3794 - Carriage Clocks - Their history and development - ALLIX Charles

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CHF 260.00


2459 The Carriage Clock

200 years of timely allure.

40 pages, Edition : 1994
Langue : anglais

CHF 45.00


1306 Collector's Collection

The author's private collection, watches, carriage clocks with many illustrations of John Arnolds watches. Soft cover slightly damaged.

95 pages, Edition : 1974
Langue : anglais

CHF 50.00


1010 Sammlung Carl und Lini Nathan-Rupp

Die Kutschenuhren - Historisches Museum Basel.

133 pages, Edition : 1983
Langue : allemand

CHF 25.00