9810 - Marine Chronometers at Greenwich

BETTS Jonathan

A MUST ! A Catalogue of Marine Chronometers at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. This book includes an accessible and engaging history of the chronometer, revealing why these instruments were important in our scientific and cultural history, and explaining, in simple terms, how they worked out and were used. A comprehensive glossary and bibliography are included to ensure any technicalities are explained and that the reader has suggestions for useful further reading. Over 480 photographs and illustrations, including many fine macro-photographs and line drawings, illustrate the jewel-like beauty of the chronometer's construction and explain the function and subtleties of its mechanism. A chapter describes the fine sub-division of labour used to create these special machines, from bare metal right up to delivery on board ship, and brief biographies of the makers tell the human century industry. Another chapter, aimed at collectors, historians and curators, provides clearly structured information on assessing and dating the chronometer, something many find difficult. And for the dedicated specialist, there is extensive tabulated data on the technical structure of this important collection, a unique resource for future research. One of the best reference book on this subject. Format 25 x 32 cm, presented in a golden cardbox.

Second hand.


743 pages

Edition : 2017

Langue : anglais

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