9281 - The Art of Breguet


One of the best book on this famous watchmaker. Edition of 1975, reprint 2021. The most complete document on the work of Abraham-Louis Breguet (1747–1823) by George Daniels, himself a master watchmaker in the Breguet tradition. During the five hundred years that horology has been accepted as a separate art only a dozen or so men have made a positive contribution to its progress. Included in this little group of masters is the illustrious name of Abraham Louis Breguet, the arch-mécanicien in an age of mechanics.His contribution was as brilliant as it was original and, during a period when horological fashion was the slave of science, he lifted the watchmaker's art to a new dimension of visual and technical excellence. In doing so, he radically changed the whole concept of horology and transformed it into an art from that won him the adulation of Europe. Colour illustrations.


394 pages

Edition : 2021

Langue : anglais