9169 - The Millennium Watch Book


FIRST CHOICE by Jacques-Alain Vuille : Impressive in its size, this book is also impressive in its content! An evocation of the last 20 years of this industry that is constantly renewing and reinventing itself in order to meet its target audience. A large-format book, The Millennium Watch Book covers all the luxury mechanical watch brands that have made significant progress and change during the first 20 years of the new millennium. Whether you are a simple amateur, a seasoned collector or even a professional in the industry, The Millennium Watch Book is the ultimate reference book that you will need to know the watchmaking history of the last two decades. 20 thematic chapters, more than 1000 photos, an account by 25 international experts, 80 characters who have changed watchmaking since 2000. The Millennium Watch Book was created on the initiative of the Geneva-based company GMT Publishing to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Cardboard cover. The book also exist in French - see No 9168.


300 pages

Edition : 2020

Langue : anglais

CHF 260.00