7865 - Wingwatch


On 6 June 1944 it was lost in Normandy. It is still there. Waiting for someone to bring it back home. 6 June 1944, Roger Englin is aboard an aircraft headed for Normandy. He si seventeen years old and has a mission to accomplish. 31 May 2014, C├ędric Roussel is coming back from the high school where he teaches history. He does not know it yet, but he has a mission to accomplish. Wingwatch is a tale of courage, a bridge between the heroes of yesterday and those of tomorrow, a voyage through time in the company of that most classic of time machines: a watch, whose rusted hands and faded dial measure more than just the limited span of a minute, an hour or a human life. Also available in italian: L'orologio con le ali.


304 pages

Edition : 2014

Langue : anglais

CHF 15.00