7405 - Clock & Watchmaking Through the Golden Age


The most comprenhensive study of the life and work of this renowned 17th century clock and watchmaker.
Over 600 pages of never before published facts, photographs and history of Charles Gretton. Traces the development of his clocks and watches from the early 1670s to the mid-1720s and documents how there was so much more to this higly respected citizen of London.

The book is written and illustrated equally for the horological specialist, owners of Gretton clocks or watches, and other collectors of clocks, watches and books.
Independent chapters on longcase, spring and lantern clocks as well as watches.
Extensive history of the life of Charles Gretton, his family, apprentices and workshop.
Many of the clocks and watches have detailed reviews with photographs.
An appendix includes a summary of every known Gretton piece with a description and image.

Lavishly illustrated with almost 1,000 images, charts, graphs and tables, most in full colour.
A prestigious complement to any horological library.

Limited edition.


660 pages

Edition : 2016

Langue : anglais

CHF 250.00