6051 - Military Timepieces 1880-1990


A concise guide - this is the first illustrated guide devoted specifically to the highly collectable field of military watches and clocks. Detailed descriptions are given of more than 150 distinct models issued over the past century to the armed forces of Britain, the United States, Germany, France, Russia, Italy, Holland, Canada, Czechoslovakia and Japan. Each description includes a guide to current price ranges; and the book includes an illustrated guide to some 160 identification markings to be found on the military timepieces of the above nations, plus Spain, Sweden, Austro-Hungary, Poland, China, Chile and Peru. This book will be an invaluable reference for horologists at every level of expertise; and will prove particularly useful to collectors of average means, whose imaginations are captured by their dramatic historical associations.


192 pages

Edition : 2006

Langue : anglais

CHF 44.00