5640 - (English) Horological Finishing and Decoration, High-end by Audemars-Piguet

SERMIER Caroline/PAPI Giulio

FIRST CHOICE by Jacques-Alain Vuille : I congratulate the authors for wanting to demonstrate the enormous differences between the handmade finish and the industrial versions! Mainly in terms of aesthetics and feelings, but also to justify an added value to the craftsmanship of the watchmaker and the artisans who work on these masterpieces! This is the first book entirely dedicated to handcrafted finishes and decorations. This know-how was almost lost and by describing in writing all the techniques and secrets of this art, the authors hope to engrave forever an invaluable heritage in the collective memory of watchmaking enthusiasts. This book is also a tribute to these generations of craftsmen decorators and highlights all the beauty and subtleties of their art. Deutsch No 4802 Italiano No 4803 Español No 4077 Japanese No 5113 Chinese No 9184 L'édition française est épuisée.


123 pages

Edition : 2006

Langue : anglais

CHF 90.00