3901 - Old Clocks & Watches and Their Makers


For more than half a century this has been the standard work on horological history. It was virtually rewritten in 1956 and completely re-illustrated and remains incomparably the finest general history on its subject; a reliable tool of the trade for dealers, an essential guide for those starting to collect, and the most authoritative general reference work for the experienced collector. A valuable postscript to the text is the comprehensive list of former makers, and the authoritative and colourful life-studies of many of them.
The photographs include almost every important type of clock and watch as well as many that are rare or unique. The book is completed by a glossary of technical terms, a detailed bibliography, a list of British hall-marks, and a full index.
This eighth edition has given the surviving editor, Cecil Clutton, the opportunity of bringing the history up to date and of correcting a few minor errors of fact. Colour-plates are also introduced into the book for the first time.
The book is in mint condition. The cover is slightly damaged.


532 pages

Edition : 1973

Langue : anglais

CHF 210.00