2819 - The Modern Watchmakers Lathe and How to Use it


A course in watchmaking, clockmaking, and repairing would not be complete without adequate instruction and practice in using the watchmaker's lathe as well as instruction and practice in using saws and files. When restoring antique watches and clocks, the restorer must be skilled in the use of the lathe, saws and files to make and alter parts to fit the mechanisms. Parts are not always available, or available to fit, and must be altered or made from raw materials. This book is intended to teach these skills and to serve as a textbook for schools as well as for students of on-the-job training programs and hobbyists. This book has more than 400 pages with 548 illustrations. These illustrations include 267 photographs and 281 hand made line drawings. All of these illustrations were made by the author. The book also has eleven tables. There are 25 chapters in the book. Two of these chapters are on sawing and filing. Also, there are pages of safety instructions for the use of the lathe, sawing, and filing, as well as electrical safety. Each chapter has a summary, questions about material in the chapter, and a reference guide for further reading. First edition.


394 pages

Edition : 2003

Langue : anglais

CHF 110.00