2139 - Practical Clock Escapements


This book deals in detail with the five escapements that are most commonly used in domestic clocks : crownwheel and verge, recoil anchor, Graham deadbeat, Brocot and platform escapements. Other types of escapement are also considered, such as small-span anchor pallets, the escapement used in 400-day clocks, pin pallet and pin-wheel escapements, as well as more sophisticated designs such as gravity escapements and Harrison's grasshopper escapement. With over 400 line drawings the reader is taken step-by-step through the various operations when making or repairing escapements, with recommandations on the materials and tools to be used. Throughout the emphasis is on practical information and advice, simply and clearly explained - both the beginner and the more experienced clockmaker will learn much from this book. Condition : brand new. Flexible cover.


248 pages

Edition : 1998

Langue : anglais

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