10638 - The times of my life


Dear Reader says Jack Heuer

In 1957, I was a young Swiss graduate, aged 25 and champing at the bit to begin a career with a prestigious American global consulting firm in Boston. This was my ticket, so I thought, to freedom, challenge, excitement, money and status far away from Switzerland and what was then my family's tiny watchmaking business. My father, however, urged me to postpone the enticing consulting career and devote just one year to learning the ropes of the family business. I then made what turned out to be one of the most important decisions in my life by agreeing to my father's proposal.

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined then that half a century later I would be fĂȘted as an innovator in the global watch industry and the Honorary Chairman and spiritual father of the company bearing my family name and now employing some 1000 people around the world. The Times of My Life is my autobiography. Tucked away between its lines is also a story of the human spirit and it is my sincere wish that you find it a good read.


290 pages

Edition : 2013

Langue : anglais

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