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9292 - Manual for overhaul, repair and handling of Hamilton Ship Chronometer with part catalog - HAMILTON WATCH COMPANY

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9174 - Gruen Watches, A Special Collection - GRUEN

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8882 Early Canadian Timekeepers

This remarkable work is essential reading for anyone interested in early Canadian timepieces and their makers. Two or Canada's foremost horological experts take an authoritative look at pre-1900 clocks and watches, and the artisans who made them, either commercially or as one-of-a-kind timepieces.
Lavishly illustrated, this bool surveys the making and selling of clocks and watches in Canada by over 125 persons, from the days of New France to the beginning of the 20th century. The stories of the men and women behind these exceptional creations are documented here for the first time.
Linen cover under jacket, in very good condition.

272 pages, Edition : 1996
Language : english

CHF 90.00


8581 Catalogue of an Important Collection of 300 Watches

Sale of the Professor Daniel E. Whitford collection, with the prices paid for the watches.
Illustrated catalogue, black & white photos.

31 pages, Edition : 1965
Language : english

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8579 How to Satisfy the Owner of a High-Class Watch

An important message for the jeweler to whom it is sent.
Walter J. Kleinlein, Watch Adjusting Service in Columbus, Ohio.
Small booklet in very good condition.

12 pages, Edition : 1932
Language : english

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8573 1949 Edition

Catalogue of calibers and part numbers of Swiss Ebauche Factories identical with those of Switzerland catalogue with guarantee of receving genuine swiss parts.

174 pages
Language : english

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8572 Horology

For Advancement in Timekeeping.

Notes on the lever escapement by Major Paul M. Chamberlain.
Early American Clocks and Their Makers by J.E. Coleman.

Fifth year of publication, May 1938. Soft cover.

40 pages, Edition : 1938
Language : english

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8560 "Ducommun Time" The Clock That Ran L.A.

The Quarter Book for Clock and Watch Enthusiasts.
Also, An Introduction to Metalworking.

78 pages, Edition : 1981
Language : english

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8559 Antique Watches 1978-1979

Catalogue with current values.

63 pages, Edition : 1978
Language : english

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SWIGART E.&J. Co, Ohio

8558 Illustrated Manual of American Watch Movements

Soft cover catalogue, in good condition.
Reprint of the 1952 edition.

209 pages
Language : english

CHF 20.00

KORDA Michael

8557 Marking Time

Collecting Watches - and Thinking about Time.
Marking Time is filled with history, anecdotes, and practical information about watches and watch collecting.
Hard cover with jacket in good condition.

198 pages, Edition : 2004
Language : english

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8554 - Three Issues - THE WATCHMAKERS' JOURNAL

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8553 "From Knowledge...increased profits"

Six issues January, April & July 1956 & January, April, & Summer 1957.
Lots of small & interesting articles about watchmaking.

Language : english

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NEWALL Co, Chicago

8549 Finger Print Catalogue of Swiss Watch Material

Improved method of selection. Newall-ized systems - Universally used by systematic Watchmakers.
11th edition 1948, soft cover.

87 pages, Edition : 1948
Language : english

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8548 American Pocket Watches

Collector's Price Guide.
First Edition.

Edition : 1976
Language : english

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8537 National Reference Catalog

March of Progress:
Paulson Time Micrometer
Paulson lathe
paulson Soldering Machine
Paulson Watch Cleaning machine
Paulson Staking Tool

Soft cover in good condition.

256 pages, Edition : 1935
Language : english

CHF 30.00


8536 National Reference Book of Material and Supplies for Watchmakers, Jewellers and Opticians

This catalog is compiled for the sincere purpose of giving you service... 217 Years' experience has gone into the compilation of this catalog!
Soft cover in good condition. The back is slightly damaged.

794 pages, Edition : 1923
Language : english

CHF 110.00

BELL Jeanenne C.

8533 Pendant and Pocket Watches 1500-1950

Identification and values.
This book is divided in four time periods of one hundred years each, and one that spans the first 50 years or the twentieth century.
In each century, we will explore what was happening that influenced timekeeping and the development of the watch. Events such as the industrial revolution, expansion of the railroads, and even train wrecks are included. Focus is given on both pendant and pocket watches, because early watches were worn around the neck or the waist. Pants pockets did not come onto the scene until the 1625, and waistcoat pockets followed in 1675.
The purpose of this book is to help you to identify and evaluate a watch by its escapement, the country of origin, the type and style of the case, and the materials and methods of embellishment. Being able to associate these things with what was happening in the world usually helps one to remember them.
Collector's Encyclopedia. Hard cover in good condition.

363 pages, Edition : 2004
Language : english

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8529 - Canada's Master Watchmaker Henry R. Playtner and the Canadian Horological Institute - PLAYTNER H.R.

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8527 100 Years of Vintage Watches

Identification and Price Guide.
2nd edition, soft cover, in good condition.

256 pages, Edition : 2004
Language : english

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8523 Complete Price Guide to Watches

Thousands of price changes. The most reliable and convenient guide to watches.
Annual book N°32. 10'350 watches listed and 7'850 illustrations. American & european pocket watches, wrist watches, comic, character watches with current information, tips history and terminology.
Soft cover in good condition.

1215 pages, Edition : 2012
Language : english

CHF 60.00


8522 Keep Book Catalog 1993-94

A comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of clock, replacement movements and motors, clock parts and supplies, tools and watch material.

320 pages, Edition : 1993
Language : english

CHF 40.00


8514 Pocket Timepieces ot the New York Chapter Members

Black & white illustrations presenting the timepieces of collectors as Fried H., Menas R., Barny Mr., Coopermann Irving, Ross B.
Published by the New York Chapter of the NAWCC.

Edition : 1968
Language : english

CHF 15.00


8447 Rapport concernant la petite mécanique

Et ses applications à la fabrication de l'horlogerie aux Etats-Unis d'Amérique.
Exposition universelle de Chicago 1893.

72 pages, Edition : 1894
Language : french

CHF 70.00


8339 Modern Watch Repairing and Adjusting

Chapters I to VIII have been written by John J. Bowman of Lancaster Pa, USA.
Chapters IX-XXII by Emile Borer of Bienne Switzerland.
Third edition, edited by Henry Paulson, Chicago.

192 pages, Edition : 1941
Language : english

CHF 70.00


8337 Precision Time Measures

Their Construction and Repair.
A manual of the theory and mechanical laws governing the construction of timekeeping machines and accepted methods of their maintenance and repairs.
With numerous illustrations and diagrams.
Hard linen cover in very good condition.

345 pages, Edition : 1913
Language : english

CHF 130.00


8218 The Watch Book 2013/2014

This watch book is Tourneau's homage to the watch industry. Tourneau welcomes you to join us on a journey from the past to the future in the world of watches.
For over a century, Tourneau has been the preeminent source and the largest authorized purveyor of fine timepieces in the United States. Today over 30 stores nationwide.
In very good condition, linen hard cover.

270 pages
Language : english

CHF 60.00


8091 Canadian Horological Institute

Presentation of the Horological Institute in Toronto by one of its director.
No date but the first edition was in 1895.
Soft cover which needs to be stapled.

43 pages
Language : french, german

CHF 60.00

DEMETER David & Andrew

8065 Chelsea Clock Company, the first hundred years

For over a hundred years the Chelsea Clock Company ha manufactured a distinguished line of high quality clocks. Long regarded as one of America's highest quality products, Chelsea Clocks have been presented to heads of state throughout the world.
Now for the first time the history of the Chelsea Clock Company has been written ans it reads like a contemporary enterprise includind mysteries, disasters, near failures and a fascinating collection of characters. Historic photographs, vintage advertisements, as well as illustrations and photographs from old catalogs are included.

Hard cover with dust jacket. In a very good condition, like new!

275 pages, Edition : 2001
Language : english

CHF 100.00

7329 - Antique Watch Restoration - Vol. II - PERKINS ARCHIE B.

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CROM R. Theodore

6690 Horological Wheel Cutting Engines 1700 to 1900

With 142 black & white figures.
Hard canvas cover and in very good condition.

150 pages, Edition : 1970
Language : english, Format : 16x23

CHF 170.00


6463 My Watch, an instructive little tale

A delightful "sketch" by Mark Twain. After reading this tale you will have a greater respect for your watch!
Edited by Waltham Watch Company, Waltham Mass.

8 pages, Edition : 0
Language : english

CHF 15.00


6185 The Watch that Made the Dollar Famous

Encyclopédia of Dollar Watches

45 pages, Edition : 1974
Language : english

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ODMARK Albert L.

6087 Patents for inventions

Abridgments of Specifications.
Class 139, Watches, Clocks and other Timekeepers.
Vol. I - Period - A.D. 1855-1866, Ed.1905.
Vol. II - Period - A.D. 1901-4., Ed.1907.
Facsimile edition. A very valuable book.

Edition : 1979
Language : english

CHF 500.00

MILLER Hayes Andrew

6047 Survey of American Clocks

Calendar Clocks.

159 pages, Edition : 1973
Language : english

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5923 - Antique Watch Restoration Vol. I - PERKINS ARCHIE B.

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5792 - Canadas Master Watchmaker Henry R. Playtner and the Canadian Horological Institute. - FOX Gary

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5728 - Ingenious Yankees - HOKE Donald R.

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5647 Complicated Watches

Soft cover - original.

136 pages, Edition : 1945
Language : english

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5635 Catalogue of Fine Regulators

Clocks for Banks, Railroads, Private Residences and Public Buildings, manufactured by the E. Howard Watch and Clock Co.

43 pages, Edition : 1889
Language : english

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5601 - Paulson's Master Key Swiss Catalog - PAULSON HENRY & CO, Chicago

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5595 - Philadelphia 1876: le défi américain en horlogerie - INSTITUT L’HOMME ET LE TEMPS

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5554 - Complete Price Guide To Watches - ENGLE T./ RICHARD E. Gilbert

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5316 Two Hundred Years of American Clocks & Watches

A must-have book for the collector and anyone interested in craftsmanship and in antiques.
Rich in magnificient full-color illustrations.
Presented in linen cardbox.

254 pages, Edition : 1975
Language : english

CHF 100.00


5162 Watch Repairing, Cleaning and Adjusting

A practical handbook dealing with the materials and tools used and the methods of reapiring, cleaning, altering and adjusting all kinds of english and foreign watches, repeaters, chronographs and marine chronometers.
Reprint - soft cover - rare.

214 pages, Edition : 1988
Language : english

CHF 50.00

4788 - Two Hundred Years of American Clocks & Watches - BAILEY Chris H.

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CHF 100.00

FABER Edward & UNGER Stewart

4179 American Wristwatches

Five decades of styles design.
This beautiful book brings you the story in word and picture. Illustrated with over 600 full color pcitures, the authors have traced the history of the American wristwatch.
First edition.

274 pages, Edition : 1988
Language : english

CHF 90.00


4115 The Book of American Clocks

For everyone who has felt the fascination of old timekeepers - with 312 illustrations and an exhaustive list of clockmakers.

318 pages, Edition : 1950
Language : english

CHF 60.00

GIBBS James W.

3592 The Dueber Hampden Story

The histories of most American watch factories of the nineteenth century reveal an inter-relantionship one with another. The history of the Dueber-Hampden Watch Company of Canton, Ohio is no exception. This company was the result of a logical, yet unique, consolidation of watch case and watch movement manufacturing enterprises. Oddly enough, the story of the two component units began in the same year, 1864.

64 pages, Edition : 1954
Language : english

CHF 50.00


3511 Service and Repair of the Hamilton Electric Watch

106 pages, Edition : 1959
Language : english

CHF 80.00


3063 Howard Watches

Being a Concise Summary of Howard Watch Movements and Cases for the Information of the Howard Jeweler.
Reprint circa 1909, rare.

Language : english

CHF 30.00

2819 - The Modern Watchmakers Lathe and How to Use it - PERKINS ARCHIE B.

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