Books 625 - 676 / 4236

8633 - Longines 1889-1989 - LONGINES

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8631 Timepieces for Royalty 1850-1910

This catalogue was produced for the self-titled exhibition held at the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva from October 21 to December 30, 2005.
Presentation of some Patek Philippe's famous watches which were made between 1850 and the First World War and which customers were intimately linked with the royalty and nobility of Europe and other countries as like:
Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, Victoria, Pope Pius IX, Isabella II, Queen of Spain, Franz Joseph I, Emperor of Austria, Umberto I King of Italy, Nicholas II Aleksandrovich, Emperor of Russia.

191 pages, Edition : 2005
Language : english

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8630 Lexikon der Taschenuhr

Die Taschenuhr von A bis Z.
Mit einer Auflistung den Autoren "Literatur" von 86 Seiten.
Kunstleder Umschlag.

352 pages, Edition : 1983
Language : german

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FANTONI Girolamo

8627 Orologi solari

Trattoto completo di gnomonica.
Storia - Teoria - Pratica - Costruzione - Esempi.
50 esempi costruttivi di ogni genere, più di 400 disegni originali, più di 100 fotografie.

552 pages, Edition : 1988
Language : italian

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8626 Royal Clocks

The British Monarchy and its Timekeepers, 1300-1900.
This book, based on years of research and written by one of Britain's leading horological historians, is magnificently illustrated with some 400 photographs, over half of them in colour.
From the earliest-known and primitive clocks of Edward III to the splendours of the Georgian heritage, the magnificient accumulation of French clocks acquired by George V and clocks now among the Royal Collection complete a superb work of magnificence of the theme.

Hard cover in a cardbox.

340 pages, Edition : 1983
Language : english

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8620 - Rolex 1905-1960 - STRAZZI MARCO

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8619 - Fine Antique Clocks - WOODBURN Anthony

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8616 Watch History in The Making

Interviews of seven watchmakers.
Out of print, rare.

150 pages, Edition : 2001
Language : english

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8612 Die schönsten Uhren

Edition 1991.
In dieser Edition werden die schönsten und interessantesten Uhren von über 50 Marken der Mittelklasse bis hin zur absoluten Spitzenklasse gezeigt.
Edition 1993.
Diese Edition lädt zu einem Spaziergang in die faszinierende Welt von Technik und Ästhetik ein, die am Handgelenk eine reizwolle Verbindung eingehen.

Zwei Leckerbiss für den Liebhaber und Sammler von Uhren. Bitte Ihren Wahl anmelden.

184 pages, Edition : 1990
Language : german

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8603 Collection complète du N°1 au N°83


Lot complet de la série des bulletins de l'Association suisse des amateurs d'horlogerie de ses débuts en 1976 jusqu'à fin 2018 + 3 index séparés.
Ce sont 83 bulletins, plus de 2000 articles traitant de sujets relatifs au temps et à sa mesure.

Ces quatre ouvrages édités spécialement ne sont pas compris:
N°1294 - L'horlogerie ancienne dans les collection privées suisses
N°1296 - Musées et collections horlogères en Suisse
N°3966 - Les horlogers de Suisse alémanique et leurs oeuvres du 14e au 19e siècle
N°7473 - de Pynson Joël - La montre de poche chronographe


Schweizerische Vereinigung der Uhrenfreunde von 1976 bis Ende 2018. 2 Hefte pro Jahr mit 3 separate Index.

Diese vier Bücher sind nicht inbegriffen:
N°1294 - Die Uhrmacherei früherer Zeiten in Schweizer Privatsammlungen
N°1296 - Museum und Uhren Sammlungen in der Schweiz
N°3966 - Deutschschweizer Uhrmachermeister und ihre Werke vom 14. bis 19. Jahrhundert von G. von Holtey
N°7474 - von Pynson Joël - Der Schweizer Taschenchronograph

Language : french, german

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NEWALL Co, Chicago

8602 A Catalog of Systematized Swiss Watch Materials

Small catalogue of the 40th with supplement of interchangeabilityof principal calibres.

Language : english

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8601 - Le pivotage - AUBRY Sylvian

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8600 - Le réglage - AUBRY Sylvian

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LOSKE Lothar M.

8598 Cronometria del obelisco al reloj de cuarzo y atomico

Tratado histórico cultural y ténico sobre todo el campo de la medida del tiempo y sus instrumentos.
Primera edicion, Mexico, 1979.

264 pages, Edition : 1979
Language : spanish

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CROM R. Theodore

8596 Trade Catalogues 1542 to 1842

Contents :
Eighteenth Century Advertising
Trade Catalogues Prior to 1750 - Scientific Instruments
English Tools, Brass and Silver Co.- Surviving Tools
The Sales Revolution
Diversity of Trades Catalogues and American Catalogues - the earliest known American catalogue is attributed to that great innovator, Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790).
With color plates.

392 pages, Edition : 1989
Language : english

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8595 Museo de relojes de las bodegas Zoilo Riuz-Mateos S/A

Con una introducción a la historia del reloj, a manera de prólogo, y dos palabres sobre el museo y sobre el presente catálogo por Luis Montañés.
Madrid, 1977.

163 pages, Edition : 1977
Language : spanish

CHF 20.00

IWC Schaffhausen

8594 Taschenuhren

Verschiedene Dokumenten:

40 Seiten eines Ersatzteil-Katalog - verschiedene Kaliber + Lép.und Sav.
Die Qualitäts-Uhr - Ihre Konstruktion Behandlung und Wahl - 16 Seiten, ungefähr 1934.
Katalog 1980 Inhaltsverzeichnis - 74 Seiten.
The Gnomes of Schaffhausen - 24 Seiten, auf englisch.
Taschenuhren, Heft von 27 Seiten, 1978.

Language : german, english

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8593 - Clocks and Watches - SMITH Alan

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8589 - Audemars Piguet 20th Century Complicated Wristwatches - COLLECTIF

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8588 Opus Two by Preziuso Antoine

Harry Winston and Antoine Preziuso are proud to present some of the finest and most advanced examples of the watchmaker's art crafted by the famous and renowned Swiss watch genius Antoine Preziuso In these pages, you will discover four superb limited edition and specially designed watches, the movements designed by the horologist and the cases and outside bracelets designed by Harry Winston.

Dark blue linen hardcover presented in a deluxe box. New.

52 pages, Edition : 2002
Language : english

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8585 Artisans horlogers depuis 1910

Catalogue et liste de prix de l'entreprise aujourd'hui basée au Noirmont.

31 pages, Edition : 2005
Language : french

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8581 Catalogue of an Important Collection of 300 Watches

Sale of the Professor Daniel E. Whitford collection, with the prices paid for the watches.
Illustrated catalogue, black & white photos.

31 pages, Edition : 1965
Language : english

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8576 Yearbook 1958

Principal Contents:
The Watch Market in Britain
Centenary of the British Horological Institute
Automatic or Electric ? The Future of the Watch
Clocks- and Technical Progress - Better Mechanisms and Wider Fields of Service
Old English Clocks and the Modern Repairer by E. L. Edwards

Many adverts and a list of names and adresses of firms in the Horological & Allied Trades and Material Dealers.

144 pages
Language : english

CHF 30.00


8575 La montre des origines au XIXe siècle

Ouvrage réunissant les exemples les plus marquants de l'horlogerie du XIVe au XX siècle, en présentant aussi bien le progrès de la mécanique que l'évolution des styles et des formes à travers cinq siècles d'artisanat de grande beauté provenant de tous les pays d'Europe.
L'ensemble des documents publiés dans cet ouvrage provient d'archives et notamment des livres "Mesures du temps et de l'espace" de Samuel Guye et Henri Michel et de l'ouvrage éponyme de Catherine Cardinal.

128 pages, Edition : 1998
Language : french

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ELMA, Precision Engineering

8574 Operating Instructions

Mini-Test of the Elma-Timer.

23 pages, Edition : 0
Language : english

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8573 1949 Edition

Catalogue of calibers and part numbers of Swiss Ebauche Factories identical with those of Switzerland catalogue with guarantee of receving genuine swiss parts.

174 pages
Language : english

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8572 Horology

For Advancement in Timekeeping.

Notes on the lever escapement by Major Paul M. Chamberlain.
Early American Clocks and Their Makers by J.E. Coleman.

Fifth year of publication, May 1938. Soft cover.

40 pages, Edition : 1938
Language : english

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8571 - A Collector's Guide - MILLER'S WATCHES

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8570 The Inside Story of the Fine Swiss Watch

...You shoud know this "Inside Story" before you buy a watch...
Published by the Watchmakers of Switzerland for authorized Jewelers.
Printed in U.S.A. Copy N°K57 dedicated to "American Jewelry Co".

Edition : 1950
Language : english

CHF 30.00


8568 Histoire des Brenets de 1300 à 1998

Première plaquette sur l'histoire de ce village, de sa région.
Berceau de l'usine Pierre Seitz, de la fabrique Guinand Watch, de la fabrique de ressorts d'horlogerie Ryser. S'y trouve encore la tour Jürgensen construite avant 1880 par Jules II.

48 pages
Language : french

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8567 Handy Manual Watch Material

Guide to interchangeability of watch parts. From Acutron to Zodiac.
Presented in a black binder.

154 pages, Edition : 1949
Language : english

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8562 Klaus Hess - Ura Tavo

L'horloge en bois de Davos.
Publication ayant accompagné l'exposition "Ura Tavo - l'horloge en bois de Davos", présentée au MIH de mars à septembre 2011.

40 pages, Edition : 2010
Language : french

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8561 Watch Repairing as a Hobby

Reprint, soft cover.

64 pages, Edition : 2000
Language : english

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8560 "Ducommun Time" The Clock That Ran L.A.

The Quarter Book for Clock and Watch Enthusiasts.
Also, An Introduction to Metalworking.

78 pages, Edition : 1981
Language : english

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8559 Antique Watches 1978-1979

Catalogue with current values.

63 pages, Edition : 1978
Language : english

CHF 15.00

SWIGART E.&J. Co, Ohio

8558 Illustrated Manual of American Watch Movements

Soft cover catalogue, in good condition.
Reprint of the 1952 edition.

209 pages
Language : english

CHF 20.00

KORDA Michael

8557 Marking Time

Collecting Watches - and Thinking about Time.
Marking Time is filled with history, anecdotes, and practical information about watches and watch collecting.
Hard cover with jacket in good condition.

198 pages, Edition : 2004
Language : english

CHF 30.00


8555 Clocks of the Ottoman Empire

The Quarter Book for Clock and Watch Enthusiasts.
Main articles on the glorious horological history of Constantinople and the Topkapi's Turkish Timepieces.
Winter 1981, 78 pages.

78 pages, Edition : 1981
Language : english

CHF 15.00

8554 - Three Issues - THE WATCHMAKERS' JOURNAL

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8553 "From Knowledge...increased profits"

Six issues January, April & July 1956 & January, April, & Summer 1957.
Lots of small & interesting articles about watchmaking.

Language : english

CHF 50.00


8552 Everybody's Watches

How your watch is made, how it works and how to take care of it.
Small booklet, soft cover, the binding lost its staples. Edition around 1940.

64 pages
Language : english

CHF 10.00

BUSER Frères & Cie SA

8550 Prix-courant fournitures

Manufacture d'horlogerie Niederdorf/BL.

25 pages, Edition : 1952
Language : french

CHF 10.00


8548 American Pocket Watches

Collector's Price Guide.
First Edition.

Edition : 1976
Language : english

CHF 15.00

IWC Schaffhausen

8547 Watches from IWC

Craftsmanship made in Schaffhausen.

231 pages, Edition : 2003
Language : english

CHF 10.00


8544 Le chronographe et ses perfectionnements

Etude mathématique du coeur dans le chronographe.
Deuxième édition, revue et augmentée.
Publié par le Journal suisse d'horlogerie.
5 planches, ouvrage original broché et relié en simili cuir grenat.

15 pages, Edition : 1908
Language : french

CHF 180.00


8543 Un style unique et inimitable

Catalogue. Présentation technique de la "J12 automatic" et autres modèles.

157 pages
Language : french

CHF 15.00

BOGOFF Stephen

8542 Bogoff Antique Watch Auction

Antiquarian Horologist, San Francisco, California. June 19, 1976.
Fine Antique Watches and Small Clocks.
Illustrated (colour and black & white) catalogue and list of prices realized.

68 pages, Edition : 1976
Language : english

CHF 20.00


8541 Model Engineer's Handbook

This book is a compilation of calculations, tables, facts and procedures which found by the author to be valuable in his model engineering activities and as such it provides a mine of information to which the average amateur will return again and again.
Second edition, soft cover.

176 pages, Edition : 1988
Language : english

CHF 25.00


8537 National Reference Catalog

March of Progress:
Paulson Time Micrometer
Paulson lathe
paulson Soldering Machine
Paulson Watch Cleaning machine
Paulson Staking Tool

Soft cover in good condition.

256 pages, Edition : 1935
Language : english

CHF 30.00


8536 National Reference Book of Material and Supplies for Watchmakers, Jewellers and Opticians

This catalog is compiled for the sincere purpose of giving you service... 217 Years' experience has gone into the compilation of this catalog!
Soft cover in good condition. The back is slightly damaged.

794 pages, Edition : 1923
Language : english

CHF 110.00

8535 - Horlogerie ancienne N°83 - AFAHA

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8534 Orologi antichi

Gli orologi antichi più famosi del mondo.
Quadranti per indicare il tempo con soneria e calendario.
Movimenti semplici o complessi, mossi da molle o da pesi, controllati da pendoli o da bilancieri.
Chiuda la parte a schede un glossario di termini specialistici.
400 illustrazioni a colori.

381 pages, Edition : 1982
Language : italian

CHF 40.00

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