6060 - The Mariner's Chronometer

MORRIS William J.

Structure, Function, Maintenance and History. Bill Morris's book is unique. It addresses in great detail the construction, working, maintenance and use of marine chronometers, together with a brief history. It deals with the fully-evolved instrument and explains it in great depth, starting from theoretical principles, and including sections on maintenance. Every part is described and illustrated, and its function discussed. The book contains a step-by-step manual for disassembling, maintenance and re-assembling. It is abundantly illustrated with excellent professional drawings and photos. This book is a must have for every collector, clockmaker, and person who is seriouly interested in chronometers, horology, or the history of navigation and technology. The author has long experience in the repair and maintenance of old navigation instruments. He is one of the very few real experts in the design, repair and restoration of these historical instruments.


167 pages

Edition : 2013

Language : english

CHF 60.00