2777 - A Guide to Complicated Watches


4th EDITION NOW AVAILABLE In order to make the book easier to read and use, all the plates containing drawings have been moved to the end of the book. The figures are clearly referred to in the text and the technical details and functions of the various mechanisms can be consulted on the numbered, fold-out plates. (as shown in the picture). Additionally, we entrusted the revision of the chapter on equation watches to Dr. Ilan Vardi, senior scientist at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), STI IMT INSTANT-LAB. The original text by François Lecoultre now offers precise indications on the equation of time and explains all sources of confusion regarding this subject. This reference book, first published in 1949, has regularly been re-printed. Watchmakers all over the world all agree that it helps them to solve the problems they meet on an everyday basis.Of course this book is also a must for students and watch-lovers enjoy the new knowledge they are able to acquire. Last but not least it is our landmark book since the creation of Editions-Simonin in 1984. EDITION FRANÇAISE - No 6056 EDITION FRANÇAISE DE LUXE, numérotée - No 7127 with a folder of original drawings by François Lecoultre IN DEUTSCH - No 1865 THE OTHER CHAPTERS: Independent seconds-beating movements Jumping seconds watches Chronographs - Simplified chronographs - Split-seconds chronographs Minute recording mechanisms - Continuous-type minute registers - Semi-instantaneous minute registers - Instantaneous minute registers Double-button chronograph Hour recorder Repeating watches - Old repeating watches - Modern quarter repeaters Gearing and escapements Hammers and hammer trips Winding Release mechanism Snails Simplified repeaters - Half-quarter repeaters - Breguet half-quarter repeaters - Five-minute repeaters - Minute repeaters - The minute snail Clock watches Simple calendar mechanisms - Continuous-type perpetual calendars - Instantaneous perpetual calendars - Perpetual retrograde calendars Equation watches The Buttex recording chronograph The Glucydur balance The Bovet single fly-back hand chronograph Approx. 160 pages, 47 fold-out illustrations, format : A5.


149 pages

Edition : 2020

Language : english

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